Popsicle Stick Valentine Frame

Popsicle Stick Valentine Frame

A simple DIY toddler project for Valentines Day!

A while back I was charged with the love and care of several little ones every Sunday while their parents attended various classes.  I absolutely adore my littles and, as you guys probably already know, I love figuring out little projects for them to take home, especially during holidays. So, For Valentine’s Day I decided to put together little popsicle stick frames they could decorate with stickers. I mean honestly, what toddler doesn’t love stickers?! I must say, it was a smashing hit. Not only were they covered in sweet valentine stickers, but so were their frames. Plus clean up was a snap, which is always a major bonus when dealing with toddlers.

Even my six year old enjoyed making one, or four. Now my fridge is super festive with their latest creations and I love it. Who says crafts have to be complicated? Bring on the simple!

Let me show you how I set things up.


  1. Large Popsicle sticks
  2. Glue (hot glue, Elmer’s glue, any glue will do… Ha! That totally rhymes.)
  3. Magnet strips (you can find these at Michael’s or any craft store)
  4. Valentines Stickers
  5. Glitter glue pens (optional). You can also use Sharpies.

How To:

  1. Assemble your frame by gluing the popsicle sticks into a square with two popsicle sticks on top and bottom                                  
  2. Depending on what magnetic strips you bought, it may already have an adhesive backing. If so, peel and stick the magnet to the back. Or glue it.                         
  3. Write l-o-v-e on the bottom corner with either a glitter pen or sharpie.  However, usually I gotta have a little glitter.                             
  4. Let littles go to town with stickers!

I mean honestly, does it get any easier? A little prep work gluing the popsicle sticks is all you need. Also, these would make a fun non candy Valentine if you feel the urge to glue…a lot. Plus, now you have fridge art. If you’re anything like me, my fridge is super full of astounding works of art already, but hey, now they’re framed!

If you want another great idea for a simple valentine, try these Melted Heart Crayon Valentines. They come with a free printable, because I love you.

Twine wrapped Wine bottles

Twine wrapped Wine bottles

 Twine Wrapped Wine Bottlestwine wrapped wine bottles

I originally saw the idea for twine wrapped wine bottles on pinterest and loved it! So, I thought I’d try my hand at it. I am quite pleased at the end result. It’s a fairly inexpensive  project, which we all love, and recycles to boot.  For my bottles, I wanted a Valentine’s themed look so I opted for two shades of pink and the natural  twine. I couldn’t find pink twine anywhere so I dyed my own. It’s actually kind of fun to do.  If you’d like to know how, click here


  1. Wine bottles
  2. Twine ( I bought mine from Amazon. It was 190 ft long, and it covered about 2 bottles with a little left over. I bought three packages)
  3. Craft glue (I love Aleene’s turbo tacky glue. You can find it at any craft store)
  4. Felt
  5. Scissors 

How to

This project is very simple and can be done even with crazy little ones running around (trust me, I tested it myself).

  1. Make sure your bottles are clean and dry. You don’t need to worry about taking off any labels or anything. I did a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol for good measure.
  2. Starting at the bottom add glue all the way around and attach twine.  Wait a minute or two for the glue to become tacky, then start twirling your twine around your bottle.
  3. Every so often, push the twine down to make sure you cover any gaps and add another ring of glue. Continue until you reach the tapered part of your bottle
  4. Once your bottle starts to taper you’ll have to start glueing each row individually. The twine will want to ride up and leave large gaps if you don’t.
  5. Continue to twist your twine around until you reach the top of the bottle and secure with more glue!
  6. As your bottle dries, print out the letters you’d like. I used the vijaya font in microsoft word at size 350.
  7. Pin the letters to your felt and cut them out individually.
  8. Make your rosette (if you need a pattern or a simple tutorial click here) and leaves.
  9. Glue letters and rosette onto your bottles.

Voila! Super cute Valentines decor that won’t break the bank or take a massively large time to do! I’m thinking of doing some in green next…..