Popsicle Stick Valentine Frame

Popsicle Stick Valentine Frame

A simple DIY toddler project for Valentines Day!

A while back I was charged with the love and care of several little ones every Sunday while their parents attended various classes.  I absolutely adore my littles and, as you guys probably already know, I love figuring out little projects for them to take home, especially during holidays. So, For Valentine’s Day I decided to put together little popsicle stick frames they could decorate with stickers. I mean honestly, what toddler doesn’t love stickers?! I must say, it was a smashing hit. Not only were they covered in sweet valentine stickers, but so were their frames. Plus clean up was a snap, which is always a major bonus when dealing with toddlers.

Even my six year old enjoyed making one, or four. Now my fridge is super festive with their latest creations and I love it. Who says crafts have to be complicated? Bring on the simple!

Let me show you how I set things up.


  1. Large Popsicle sticks
  2. Glue (hot glue, Elmer’s glue, any glue will do… Ha! That totally rhymes.)
  3. Magnet strips (you can find these at Michael’s or any craft store)
  4. Valentines Stickers
  5. Glitter glue pens (optional). You can also use Sharpies.

How To:

  1. Assemble your frame by gluing the popsicle sticks into a square with two popsicle sticks on top and bottom                                  
  2. Depending on what magnetic strips you bought, it may already have an adhesive backing. If so, peel and stick the magnet to the back. Or glue it.                         
  3. Write l-o-v-e on the bottom corner with either a glitter pen or sharpie.  However, usually I gotta have a little glitter.                             
  4. Let littles go to town with stickers!

I mean honestly, does it get any easier? A little prep work gluing the popsicle sticks is all you need. Also, these would make a fun non candy Valentine if you feel the urge to glue…a lot. Plus, now you have fridge art. If you’re anything like me, my fridge is super full of astounding works of art already, but hey, now they’re framed!

If you want another great idea for a simple valentine, try these Melted Heart Crayon Valentines. They come with a free printable, because I love you.

Thrift Store Swap Wreath

Thrift Store Swap Wreath

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first ever thrift store swap experience! Let me start off by saying this was such a fabulous event to be apart of. You know me. I love anything crafty, especially the chance to revamp something outdated into something fantastic! If you’ve never heard of a thrift store swap, keep reading. Enough chit chat. Let’s head down to the good stuff.


Welcome to the 4th edition of the Thrift Store Swap!

If you are unfamiliar with this swap, organized by Lyn at MidMichiganMom, here are the basics. 14 crafty bloggers commit to buying and repurposing 2 thrift store items. For this edition, one item must be a wreath and both items must cost under $10. .

Sounds easy right? There’s a catch…they are not buying for themselves! Each blogger is surprised with what they must repurpose. So what happens when the unknown challenges 14 crafty ladies?

You get some out of the box tutorials!

All right? Everyone up to speed? Excellent! Let’s dig in to my fabulous items!

I was talking to  Lynn over at Mid Michigan Mom, who sent me a message a while back asking if I’d like to participate in their exchange. A crafting challenge with a wreath and a secret item to upcycle sent by another crafty blogger?!? Yes please! I immediately agreed and off I went to grab my items to send to my crafty blogger, Brittany over at DIY Just Cuz (you should click on her link and check out what she did with the items I sent her!). Not long after I sent my gifts, I received my own from Erlene over at MyPinterventures (oh and P.S. you should totally check out Erlene’s awesomeness)!  Here they are.

Thrift store items

How cute is that wreath already? It’s definitely Fall themed, but adorable. I almost felt bad for tearing it apart…almost.  Along with my wreath I was given three plain clipboards.  I brainstormed for a while deciding on my plan of attack. I had a vague idea for my wreath, and no idea for my clipboards.

Before wreath

After finally formulating plan I made an excursion to JoAnne’s Fabric to purchase the flowers I’d need for my wreath overhaul. I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful choices they had for silk flowers, plus they were half off, which is always a huge win in my book.  Here’s my final transformation.

After wreath

Eek! I absolutely love how it came out!  A little spray paint, a few gorgeous flowers, and a needle and thread, and voila! I toyed around with several ideas for the sparkly ribbon and finally decided on the banner, and added a few beads for the final touch.

After wreath 2

Here’s how I did it (P.S. It was really simple to do and you should totally give it a whirl).


  1. Small grapevine wreath
  2. Ribbon
  3. Silk Flowers
  4. Berries and Stars
  5. Wire
  6. Spray Paint
  7. Beads
  8. Needle and Thread
  9. Fray Check (It’s a glue)

How To:

1. First I disassembled the wreath’s adornments until I was back to the bare grapevine. Cutting off that beautiful sparkly ribbon almost killed me, but I had to press on.

disassemble wreath

2. I had decided I wanted a white wreath to brighten things up and make my flower colors pop. I had a bottle of white spray paint lying around from other various projects and set to work. Spray painting a wreath is fairly simple. A few coats on either side and I was finished. I have to admit, however, that I began to panic a little after the paint was applied because I wasn’t sure I liked it yet. I even called my sister to ask her opinion. She assured me all was well with my decision so I pressed on.

spray paint wreath

3. I played around with the placement of the orange and white berries and stars. After several different arrangements I concluded that I liked the original layout best and put them back where they belonged and secured them with wire.

place berriessecure berries

4. After a speedy and very productive trip to JoAnne’s Fabric (flowers were 1/2 off! Yay!!) I began my floral arrangements. This took a while. I love playing with flowers and color, but you’ve got to keep it balanced and the colors flowing. After I had arranged a rough draft of my layout I plugged in my glue gun and set to work. Gluing took some creativity. My flowers had to lay a certain way, but still adhere to the vines and berries. A little trial and error with a few of the smaller flowers, and I had it down.

glue flowers

5. I couldn’t let this beautiful wreath walk away without at least some of that beautiful  ribbon to adorn it. I’ve always loved the little flags I’ve seen on other wreaths and thought it would be the perfect crowning piece. I made a small triangle template and cut out several triangles from the ribbon. I put fray check on all the edges to ensure they would remain intact.

cut triangles

6. After the glue dried I grabbed my huge stash of beads and got to work sewing my little banner.  I wanted to make sure the banner had a little weight so it would lay nicely once put on the wreath. I simply put my beads, pierced the top two ends of the triangles, and repeated until I had my desired length.

7. I attached my small banner by tying it on.

Voila! One beautiful spring wreath! I absolutely love how this wreath turned out. It’s one of my favorites.

After wreath 3

After my wreath was finished I moved on to my clipboards. I tinkered around with a few ideas, but in the end I decided on something sweet, simple, and colorful. Tune in next week to see my clipboard reveal!


Overall I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the exchange. I would encourage any of you who are thinking of trying something like a swap to go for it. It’s such a fun way to challenge your creativity, meet other fabulous people, and have fun. You guys know me. I’m always up for anything fun and crafty.



Here are the geniuses behind these DIY Tutorials. Make sure to check out each one!

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Crayon Heart Valentine and Free Printable

Crayon Heart Valentine and  Free Printable



Well you guys, Valentines day is just a week away! I thought I’d show you what we decided to do for Alisynne’s class this year, crayon heart valentines! These darling hearts turned out even better than I’d expected, and talk about easy.  I had all three kiddos involved in this project and they loved it.  Emma came bounding down the stairs the very next morning after making these wanting to do another batch! Melted crayon heart valentines are an excellent option for those of you who need to find a non candy valentine.  Added bonus – you can get rid of that giant box of broken crayons you’ve got stashed in the closet.

Of course, I couldn’t just stop at the crayons. I had to make a darling printable to go along with it, cause you know, I’m me. Make sure you download it too and have your child (ok, it’ll probably be you) put together some charming valentines.

Color to crayon 4

Click Here To Download Valentine Printable

I cannot stress how easy this is to do.  Let’s get right into it.


  1. Crayons
  2. Silicon Heart Mold
  3. Clear Bags (I bought and used the transparent archival bags that are 3inX4in from Michaels in the party section)
  4. Double Sided Sticky Tape

How To:

  1. Peel and break apart a bunch of crayons                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        peel and break crayons
  2. Fill Mold                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              fill mold
  3. Bake 350 degrees for 10-12 mins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              bake crayons
  4. Cool and pop out of mold                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  cool and pop out
  5. Put in Baggies and adhere printable with double sided tape on the inside of each flap

TA DA! Come on, how cute did these turn out?! So Cute!

Crayon Heart valentine 1:1

Bonus Tips:

  1. If you find your crayon wrappers are ridiculously hard to get off, simply cut down the middle with a box cutter or exacto knife. Voila, easy peeling!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             use box cutter
  2. After you pop out your crayons you may find that some of the wax is still stuck to your silicon mold. Just pop it back into the oven and bake for 2 minutes and wipe with a paper towel while still warm. Super fast cleanup.

baked on waxwipe with towel


A Bit Of Everything


Welcome Home Wednesdays

Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreath



vertical valentines wreathWreaths!! You guys, I absolutely love assembling a beautiful and simple wreath. They add so much pop and festivity to your doors or walls and are fairly simple to assemble (at least this version!). A valentines day wreath is just the ticket if you’re needing a little something more to add some color and adorableness to celebrate the day (or week, or heck, the entire month). Mine is already up.

This particular wreath I love because it’s incredibly easy to make all the pieces as well as adhere to the grape vines. I’ll walk you through the steps and before you know it you’ll have made a beautiful valentines day masterpiece! Let’s get started shall we?!








wreath supplies

  1. Grapevine wreath
  2. Felt
  3. Scissors
  4. Pins
  5. Glue gun and glue
  6. Berries
  7. Ribbon (optional)
  8. Heat ‘N Bond iron on  fabric adhesive (optional)
  9. Grommets (optional)

All right! Let’s get cracking.

How to:

  1. Cut and assemble felt rosettes. If you need some patterns (they’re totally free!) or a quick tutorial on how to make them click here. I made all three sizes for my wreath.
  2. Place and wire your berries onto your wreath. I like to make a mock up first by placing all my flowers on to get a good visual before I lock my berries in place, but you can totally eyeball it too.                                      berries on wreath
  3. Start gluing your rosette with a hot glue gun. Begin in the center with your largest flowers then continue outward. Don’t be afraid to mix small and large flowers together. They help fill gaps and add dimension and interest.                                                                                                        glue on roses
  4. Wire or glue (depending on what you choose) your accent piece to the opposite side (I found this piece at JoAnne’s and dressed it up a bit).                                                                                                             wood heart
  5. Add Ribbon (optional). If you need a quick tutorial on how to hang your wreath with ribbon click here and scroll down a bit.

I just love this wreath!  My sister came by and made one too. If you need a little help with what to add onto your wreath take a look at what she did!


St. Patrick’s day is headed our way (ok it’s only January, but still…) and I’m thinking something similar in shades of green. What do you think?


Welcome Home Wednesdays

Sweet and Simple Nativity

Sweet and Simple Nativity

I was perusing Pinterest (I’m fairly sure 90% of my craft posts begin this way) when I came across some simple craft nativities. My ability to focus on other things (like cooking and cleaning) went out the window. My brain wouldn’t quit designing until I came up with this sweet and simple nativity.

red nativity

I cannot stress how simple these were to make once the color choices were made (choosing colors is the hardest thing for me!). It is three steps you guys! Drill, paint, and glue. My three year old’s have also road tested the nativity and it has held up famously.

I’ll give you the sizes of everything I used, but feel free to embellish and make it your own! I got most of my supplies from Hobby Lobby, and the small star from Michaels. Let’s get started shall we?!

Materials:nativity materials

  1. Two wood people.
  2. Wood rectangle 5 1/4″ x 3 1/4″
  3. Large star x 2. 1 1/2″
  4. Small star 1″x 3/16″
  5. Dowel Rod 3/16″
  6. Large popsicle stick
  7. Craft lettering 1 1/4″
  8. Small wood ball 1/2″

Supplies:nativity supplies

  1. Drill with bit 3/16
  2. Glue (a glue gun would also work fabulously)
  3. Paint. I used white  and blue spray paint, Acrylics: Midnight Garden, Violet Pansy (folk art brand), and Kings Gold (craft smart brand)
  4. Paint brushes

How To:

  1. Drill a hole for your dowel rod in the top 1/3 of your base                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            drill nativity
  2. Paint your little people, star, base, letters, and popsicle stick
  3. Cut dowel rod to a 5″ piece                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               cut nativity
  4. Cut end of popsicle stick to 1 1/4″
  5. Glue small wood ball to popsicle stick, and dowel rod to star.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     glue nativity
  6. Finish glueing your letters, stars, and baby Jesus to Mary.
  7. Assemble your Nativity!!

red nativity 2

TaDa!! Come on, how cute is that?! These make wonderful gifts to give anybody this Christmas season! Give it a try and show me what you’ve done!

If you’d like another great and simple Christmas craft try these popsicle stick snowflakes!

DIY Spring Vases

DIY Spring Vases

Easy, fun, and fantastic Spring Vases

painted spring vases

It is spring time which means it is time to add a little (or a lot) of color to your home decor!  I was rummaging through all my spring and easter decorations and I came to the conclusion that I did, in fact, need more (who doesn’t, right?)! After a lot of searching online I came across a picture of painted glass jars and I decided that was it!  I was going to paint some glass jars.  How hard could it be?  Well my friends, when you jump into projects without a lot of research (finger pointed directly at me), you tend to spend a lot more time than you anticipated.  I learned a lot blundering through this project and can confidently lead you away from the mistakes that I made.  After I got the hang of the first jar, the other two were done in a heartbeat. So, simply follow the directions and you too, fellow crafter, should be able to crank these beauties out in no time.  These glass jars came out fabulously and are now a great addition to the space above my cabinets.


Supplies:supplies for spring vases

  1. Glass jars
  2. Acrylic Paint – Make certain it is a multi-surface acrylic.  It will stick to the glass better and won’t flake or crack when drying (ask me how I know….).
  3. Spray paint
  4. Stencil
  5. Stencil glue
  6. Painters tape (if needed)
  7. Glitter Gel (optional)


How To:

  1. Start by cleaning out the glass container you have brilliantly decided on.  Be sure to remove any dust particles or crumblies from the interior.  If not, they will show through the glass.  Wipe down with rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue.
  2. Pour the entire bottle(s) of acrylic paint into your vase. I used 3 bottles to cover mine because it was easier to coat.
  3. Swirl the paint around until you have completely covered the interior.
  4. Dump the remainder (you’ll probably have a lot) back into the bottles.  I ended up dumping out about 1 1/2 bottles back into their containers.  Be patient when pouring the remainder of the paint out.  You want to get out as much as you possibly can.  This will help in a faster drying time and it will reduce the chances of the paint becoming too thick and cracking while drying (Trust me.  I went through 2 jars before I properly drained mine, plus I had the wrong type of acrylic paint).                                                                                                                              pour, swirl, drain acrylic paint for spring vases
  5. Allow to dry.  I let mine sit overnight.
  6. Once your paint has dried, apply your chosen stencil.  I used the folkart stencil adhesive and it did a great job of keeping my stencil in place (plus tape).  You simply dab it onto the stencil and let sit for about 10 minutes until it becomes tacky.                                                                        folk art stencil glue
  7. Tape up the remaining spots you don’t want spray painted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       apply stencil for spray paint
  8. Spray paint your jar.  Be careful not to go too heavy on your passes.  It will drip and run through the stencil if you’re too impatient/excited (once again learn from my mistakes! I need to learn more patience).  Let it sit for a few minutes, then come back and reapply if you feel you need to.spray paint spring vases
  9. Let dry (about 15 -20 minutes)
  10. Remove stencil. (If you’d like to add the glitter please continue.)
  11. If you are adding a little glitter to your jars (everything can use a little glitter!) keep the stencil on.  Simply dab your glitter glue onto your jar and let dry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  apply glitter gel to spring vases
  12. Remove stencil!  If you’ve found you do have a few spots of run through don’t panic!  All is not lost.  An exacto knife can scrape off any excess paint quite easily.  Do not stress over having the perfect lines.  They’ll turn out beautiful and no one will ever notice a little hiccup here and there.

If you’ve found you have a finicky stencil, it’s totally ok to do the usual dabbing method of stencil application.  That’s what I ended up doing with the blue swirly jar.  Once you’re done with the stencil let it sit in a pool of rubbing alcohol and wipe away the tacky glue for future use.

And there you have it!  There are endless color combinations, stencils, and glass jars to keep your ideas fresh and in season.  Have fun and let me know how they turn out!finished diy spring vases

Baymax Rice Krispie Treats

Baymax Rice Krispie Treats


Baymax Rice Krispie Treat at One Crazy Ride

Baymax rice krispie treats, toddler project

With Big Hero 6 being released on dvd recently, our house has become Baymax central.  My children LOVE this movie and I’m sure we’ve watched it at least 15 times by now.  I was thinking of ideas for our next family fun night when it dawned on me!  Baymax head rice krispie treats!  Delicious and fitting for our recent obsession.  I did a test drive with the kiddos and they had a blast putting these together.  So, without further ado, here’s How to make Baymax rice krispie treats for toddlers!


  1. Rice Krispiessupplies for baymax rice krispie treats
  2. marshmallows
  3. butter
  4. crisco
  5. Mega M&M’s
  6. Hershey’s bar
  7. small bowl
  8. wax paper


How To:

1.  Make your rice krispie treats.  If you need a recipe just snag this one here.

2.  Before the rice krispie treats cool too much, fill your small bowl full and push down.  This makes sure they retain their shape once you pop them out.  It’s less sticky if you coat your hands and          bowl in crisco.


3.  Pop out your molded heads onto wax paper

4.  Once they’ve cooled just slightly cut a slit into the middle of the head and insert a square of the Hershey bar. This will be the line that connects Baymax’s eyes. You can have your little helpers do this too (not the cutting obviously).

Step 3 of Baymax rice krispie treat tutorial


5.  Melt a couple pieces of chocolate in the microwave on about 50% power for a minute.  Stir the chocolate until smooth and melted. Go another round in the microwave if you need. This will act as the glue!

step 5 Baymax rice krispie tutorial


6.  Add “glue” to the back of a brown Mega M&M.  My toddlers loved this part.

step 6 in Baymax rice krispie tutorial

7.  Attach both eyes to your head at the end of your Hershey bar.

Finished Baymax head for rice krispie tutorialchildren making Baymax rice krispie treats

Tada!  A very simple and fun way to dress up your rice krispie treats! These would be great for a Big Hero 6 party, or just for the fun of it.  My kiddos enjoyed making these (heck, I enjoyed making these!) and I’m sure you will too!  As an added bonus we made a whole Baymax out of rice krispie treats, cause why the heck not?!

Full Baymax rice krispie treat



Twine wrapped Wine bottles

Twine wrapped Wine bottles

 Twine Wrapped Wine Bottlestwine wrapped wine bottles

I originally saw the idea for twine wrapped wine bottles on pinterest and loved it! So, I thought I’d try my hand at it. I am quite pleased at the end result. It’s a fairly inexpensive  project, which we all love, and recycles to boot.  For my bottles, I wanted a Valentine’s themed look so I opted for two shades of pink and the natural  twine. I couldn’t find pink twine anywhere so I dyed my own. It’s actually kind of fun to do.  If you’d like to know how, click here


  1. Wine bottles
  2. Twine ( I bought mine from Amazon. It was 190 ft long, and it covered about 2 bottles with a little left over. I bought three packages)
  3. Craft glue (I love Aleene’s turbo tacky glue. You can find it at any craft store)
  4. Felt
  5. Scissors 

How to

This project is very simple and can be done even with crazy little ones running around (trust me, I tested it myself).

  1. Make sure your bottles are clean and dry. You don’t need to worry about taking off any labels or anything. I did a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol for good measure.
  2. Starting at the bottom add glue all the way around and attach twine.  Wait a minute or two for the glue to become tacky, then start twirling your twine around your bottle.
  3. Every so often, push the twine down to make sure you cover any gaps and add another ring of glue. Continue until you reach the tapered part of your bottle
  4. Once your bottle starts to taper you’ll have to start glueing each row individually. The twine will want to ride up and leave large gaps if you don’t.
  5. Continue to twist your twine around until you reach the top of the bottle and secure with more glue!
  6. As your bottle dries, print out the letters you’d like. I used the vijaya font in microsoft word at size 350.
  7. Pin the letters to your felt and cut them out individually.
  8. Make your rosette (if you need a pattern or a simple tutorial click here) and leaves.
  9. Glue letters and rosette onto your bottles.

Voila! Super cute Valentines decor that won’t break the bank or take a massively large time to do! I’m thinking of doing some in green next…..


How to dye twine

How to Dye Twine

How to dye twine

I love getting my hands messy and goofing around with color. So, when I couldn’t find the right color of twine I needed for a project I opted to dye my own! Dyeing twine is really not that difficult.  It’s just like dying fabric, only stringier.  I prefer using the Rit dyes. You can buy them at most fabric/craft stores and they’re fairly inexpensive (bonus!).

Depending on the color of your original twine, your final color will somewhat differ from the dye’s true color.  The twine I’m using in this tutorial is the natural jute twine, but I do know that they have an ivory twine that will better match the true color of the dye.  If you’re using the same natural tan twine your colors will be deeper than you anticipated. Especially if you use the entire packet.  You can lessen the intensity of the color by using less dye or by opting not to put in the vinegar.

Ok enough chit chat. Let’s get . This party started!


  1. Twine20150201_115645
  2. Dye packet
  3. Large pot
  4. Liquid soap (promotes level dyeing)
  5. Vinegar (used to intensify color)
  6. Measuring cup and spoons
  7. Dowel rod (or something to wrap the end of the twine around)
  8. Rubber Gloves

How To

1. Unravel your twine and pre-soak it in the sink by running warm water over it

2. Attach one end of your twine to your dowel rod


3. Fill pot about half to 2/3 full of water and bring to a low boil on medium heat, then turn it down to a simmer. (Dye’s LOVE hot water).

4. Add 1 tbsp dish soap

5. While your pot is simmering, prepare your powder packet by microwaving 2 Cups of water in a bowl until its starts to boil.  Add  the amount of powder you’d like and stir until it fully dissolves.


6.  Add your unraveled twine to the simmering pot and place your end with the rod over the side of your pot.  This will ensure you’re able to find the end piece when it comes time to re-wrap your twine, and it also helps keep the twine from tangling too much.


7.  Add dye

8.  After about 5 minutes of simmering add the vinegar

9.  Simmer for 30 minutes10.  Dump water and twine into your sink. Make sure you are wearing your rubber gloves to avoid dying your hands.

11.  Rinse the twine starting with hot water then work your way down to cold until the water runs clear.20150201_124747

12.  Ring out the water as best you can, loosely re-wrap twine and hang dry.


The end result is a super cute colored twine that you can do countless things with! If you’d like an idea for a fun twine project check out twine wrapped wine bottles.