Beautiful Nursery Decor

Beautiful Nursery Decor

A look into the beautiful nursery decor my sister and I designed

beautiful nursery decor pin

Whenever I hear news of a new baby in the works I instantly get excited. So when my younger sister called to tell me she was expecting her first baby I was over the moon excited not only for her but for me! This meant baby snuggles and cuddles and adorable funny faces to delight in. Honestly who doesn’t love brand new babies?

Another bonus to be had – a brand new nursery to design with beautiful nursery decor! I was never able to design nurseries for my own babies (too little space) so when Emilee asked me to help design her nursery I jumped at the chance. I may have lived vicariously through Emilee and her nursery a little. It was so fun! I never get tired of watching all the planning and decision making come to life. Especially with this beautiful nursery.

Emilee decided on a color pallet of coral, gray, white, and teal. She scoured the internet for fabric choices, wall decals and every other thing imaginable. Once she gathered her ideas we narrowed down her options and planned the layout of the decor and furniture. All this was done over the phone or via skype since we live a state apart.

I made a special trip out to New Mexico to help put together this adorable nursery.

Time for a tour!

Lets start with the wall decals. Can you say adorable? I love this decal because it’s not vinyl. It’s fabric and reusable! We also love the fact that you can design your color scheme on the etsy shop Nursery Decals NMore  to your heart’s content. It’s a wonderful, easy and beautiful way to add some color to your walls. Putting this up was a cinch.

nursery decor tree wall decal


Our next step was to tackle an old dresser that we found on craigslist. This dresser took some blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional curse word, but in the end it turned out awesome. We agonized over the colors, knobs, fabric, and details. As soon as the decisions were final we spent a few nights jamming to pandora in the garage and finished this beauty.What do you think?  Oh and P.S. if you like the knobs you can find them at Lynns Hardware on Etsy.

dresser nursery decor and details

Collage Wall

Once the dresser was in place it was time to tackle the collage wall. We spent many hours traveling to little shops and scouring the internet to find just what we needed. Of course we found the majority of our items at Hobby Lobby or Target.   Once we had our decor Emilee and I put our minds together and designed the layout. I think we did a bang up job.

nursery decor collage wall

One particular love I have of this wall are the prints. They are bright, simple, and perfect for the theme we put together. You can find them at a darling little etsy shop called  Printable Beauty Art  . We downloaded the design, printed them out at Costco, and popped them in frames we bought at Hobby Lobby. Easy Peasy.

The Chair

If any of you have tried to put together any room, let alone a nursery, furniture choices are a key element to making it. We had the dresser and the crib was donated by a sweet gal Emilee worked for. Now we needed the chair. You know what I’m talking about. The chair that you’ll be exhaustedly draped over at 2:15 in the morning while you attempt to feed and rock your little one back to sleep so you can shuffle half conscious back to your dreamy bed to await the next round. That chair. This was the one element we were willing to spend a little bit more on. A comfy, supportive, adorable rocking chair. You know what? We finally found what we were looking for and we found it at Target. It’s a simple wing back design by Eddie Bauer accented with white edging and it is comfortable! We love this chair.

Changing Station

Not to be outshone by the chair, the changing station is also a key piece. This is where most of the dirty work happens. So obviously we had to make it adorable. I gave this old changing station to Emilee a while back.  She fixed a broken spindle and spray painted it a stone gray.  We hit several stores in search of the right baskets to fill the bottom slots when we finally stopped into At Home. We found several we liked, however, they didn’t have all we needed. The numbers never added up. We finally settled on the two beautiful white baskets and went in search of the rest. Which we happened to find in Target, again! I found the teal and white baskets at the bottom of a shelf and snatched them up. How great did this turn out? Not to mention the storage!


As with any project, the beauty lies in the details. There are so many detailed elements in this room, it’s hard to picture them all! Needless to say, if it was in the realm of sweet or adorable, teal, coral. or white, we grabbed it. A splash of coral with a few flowers, an adorable little sign, a mobile above the changing station, or a sweet jar filled with hair ribbons. It all adds up to one absolutely darling and functional baby nursery.

nursery decor details

So what do you think?