Toddler Talk Tuesday: May Edition

Toddler Talk Tuesday: May Edition

My children never cease to amaze me. As the weeks fly by their language skills have dramatically increased and the hilarious quips just keep on coming. The cutesy toddler babble is starting to die down and the honest to goodness comments and concerns are starting to pour out and I love it! I do still get some cutesy remarks however. The other day I caught Emma trying to tell me the floor was “sweepy” which I finally caught on as meaning “slippery”.  Ethan is talking up a storm now, but his speech still mingles with cutesy toddler and it’s adorable. The other day we were watching Planet Earth on Netflix (awesome series by the way if you haven’t watched it). The episodes usually start with a panoramic view of  Earth from space. Joe was teaching Ethan all about planet Earth and Ethan, eager as ever, kept trying to say “Earth”. It came out more like “Urt-huh.” His face would light up as we cheered his attempts on and soon he was trying every which way to tell me about “planet Urt-huh”.”Mom look! Planet Urt-huh!” “Yeah Mom. Planet Urt-huh.” Gosh I love that little boy.

There have been several excellent quotes this last month that had Joe and I rolling. I’ve chosen a few of the best to showcase. Without further ado I give you this month’s comical stylings of my crazy trio.

1. As you are all well aware we are a house who love movies. We just do and my children have grabbed onto this particular joy with both hands. Joe had just finished showing Alisynne The Land Before Time, which is a classic in my book, and she came racing into my room to tell me all about her latest cinematic adventure. Her recap went a little something like this: “We were upstairs watching Littlefoot. He had to find his mom. When he did she was tired cause she had a bite on her neck.  It was frustrating.” I’ll bet it was! Who wouldn’t get a little frustrated having recently been chomped on by a T-Rex? I know I’d be a little miffed. Although I think Alisynne was referring to the fact that she wouldn’t get up and go with Littlefoot. In the words of Ducky, “Poor poor Littlefoot.”

littlefoot quote

2. This past month I’ve been a little more adventurous in the kitchen. I enjoy trying out new recipes to see if there’s something more to add to my repertoire of dinner options from time and time. One evening I was spent and decided to go easy on myself and opted for simple cheese quesadillas for dinner. My last few attempts my have been a little too adventurous according to Alisynne, who had this to say. Alisynne: “Are we having quesadillas for dinner?!!” Me: “Yes.” Alisynne: “Phew! I’m glad we don’t have to eat other stuff.” Hint received loud and clear dear child.quesadilla quote


3. One of the greatest things has begun between my husband and Alisynne lately. Whenever Joe is out of town or simply working long hours he’ll take a break and call Alisynne and the twins to say hello. Lately the conversations have morphed into a crazy smattering of joke telling. Have you ever heard a 4 year old come up with a joke out of the blue? It is probably one of the best things you will ever witness. This is one I overheard just the other day. “Why can’t the hippo got to Chik-Fil-A? Because it’s not ready! Hahahahahahaha!” It’s the full out belly laughter that erupts from her cleverness that gets to me every time.

hippo joke

4. As I mentioned earlier Emma is really taking off with her language skills. She has been speaking clear concise sentences for awhile now, which is why this one caught me off guard. Let me paint you a visual first. Emma was walking around the kitchen in only a pair of my little ponies underwear waving an American flag and exuberantly proclaiming, “Surprise! Happy W!” I am assuming, and to be honest I still truly don’t know, that she was trying to say, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” If that is not the case then I have absolutely no clue what the “W” is for. In either case it was adorable.


5. Summer is upon us down here my friends, and the mosquitoes are out. We have turned into spontaneous clapping, thigh slapping, under the breath swearing, itching fools over here. After one particularly intense battle between myself and a pesky yet nimble mosquito Alisynne dropped this knowledge bomb on me. “Why do mosquitoes like us so much? I know! It’s cause our brains taste like food. Like bacon!” I honestly had no idea that our brains tasted like bacon and I’ll bet you were kept in the dark of this amazing secret as well. The word is out dear friends. Mosquitoes are attracted to our baconesque brains.

brains taste like bacon



Toddler Talk Tuesday: April Edition

Toddler Talk Tuesday: April Edition

I know I’ve been absent lately when it comes to Toddler Talk Tuesday, and I apologize.  Life gets a little crazy, holidays happen, and my house erupts in chaos and fun, but never fear.  I haven’t failed to document the entertainment and hilarity that only little ones can provide. Alisynne is observant as ever and hasn’t failed in revealing her understanding of the world as it is.  Emma is a chatter box and still insists on calling anything her “Emma (insert object here)”.  Ethan is lively as ever with his discoveries of the world.  He practices new words all the time and loves when he gets it right.  His new favorite saying is ,”yeah”.  “Ethan are you full?” “Yeah.”  “Ethan do you want to go outside?” “Yeah.” “Can you count to 500?” “Yeah.”  He’s hilarious.  His tone is always the same. It’s as if he’s slightly annoyed you’re asking him no matter what the subject.  I gotta admit, my life would be rather dull without my three crazy ragamuffins keeping me on my toes.  Well, let’s dig into the goods shall we?

1.  I was sitting on the couch working on my kindle enjoying the morning when Alisynne, out of nowhere and with no prompt to the subject, says this. “Mom do you remember when you were really disappointed so you ate all those treats? So I came over and ate the rest for you? It was chocolates.” Why yes, dear child. I do remember that box of chocolates I inhaled after a particularly hard day with you all. They were delicious and I have no regrets.

chocolates quote

2. On this particular afternoon Alisynne and I were butting heads over simple chores.  She didn’t want to do any and I kept insisting she do them (pick your clothes up off the floor and put them in the dirty laundry followed by eye roll from my 4 year old.).  This was our exchange after the eye roll.  Me – “Alisynne your attitude is bad and you need to change it.”  Alisynne – “Ok mom.  I’ll try to fix it later.” How do you continue to maintain your stern demeanor after that one?

attitude quote


3. Joe and Alisynne were downstairs in the kitchen trying to clean up lunch while the twins ran up and down the halls screeching with delight trying to goad their dad into playing chase with them. Joe put down the washcloth and proceeded to chase the twins around.  Alisynne was sitting at the counter, unhappy with the turn of events.  They had a task to do together and she wanted to get it done with him (I think it was mostly the one on one attention she wanted while cleaning up together).  She yelled this to him as he ran by. “Dad, listen! I’m trying to teach you to be an adult!”  What more can this child dish out that won’t make you bust a gut?

adult quote

4. Two nights ago I was getting all three kids ready for bed with a raucous game of Witch hunter (sounds soothing and calm doesn’t it?). I play a witch whose goal is to catch the children and gobble them up.  The twins were loving this game and I was wearing them (and myself) out.  Alisynne wanted to be my little witchling who helped me catch the babies.  As I was running down the hallway after the twins cackling and grabbing them up in my arms I would say, “I’m going to gobble you up!  You taste so delicious!” and proceed to tickle the kiddos.  On my second pass down the hallway Alisynne stopped me in my tracks to correct my obviously misguided notions on witch lore. She said, “Mom witches don’t gobble up little kids!  They just use them for their recipes.” So, in case any of you out there were under the misguided pretense that witches gobble up little children, you too have been corrected.

witch quote


Toddler Talk Tuesday

Toddler Talk Tuesday

Advice, Comments, Questions, We’ve got it all on this week’s Toddler Talk Tuesday!

My crazy little trio have been at it again!  There’s never a dull moment over here, whether it’s tantrums, loveys (hugs, kisses, etc.), questions, comments, or observations, my children don’t miss a beat.  They keep me on my toes and my life would just be incredibly dull without them.  This week was a little more trial than treat, but so it goes in a house full of toddlers.  When the troubles subsided, however, I did get a couple of great quotes.

1.  This particular one happened very early in the morning.  I was dead asleep when I heard the ever-so-soft patter of little Emma feet heading down the hall towards our room.  She almost always makes her way to our room in the incredibly early hours of the morning to snuggle and go back to sleep without much fuss.  This time, however, wasn’t so quiet.  As she made her way to my side of the bed she started out with a whisper and finished with a trumpeting tune of, “Mom, change-a my Emma BUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!”

Toddler talk Emma bum quote

2.  After having had a battle of wills with Ethan all morning, I was reaching my limit of understanding and patience.  He had been a tough cookie all week, and I’d had just about enough.  After yet another battle that I thought had finally subsided, Ethan screamed an incredibly loud and ear piercing shriek of disdain when I handed him an orange bowl instead of a blue one.  My face contorted into the” oh-my-gosh-she’s-gonna-lose-it” look and I sighed loudly.  Alisynne, my little peacemaker, caught a glimpse of “the look” and calmly told me this.  “Mom, just ignore him. He’s being a stinker.”  Great advice from my 4 year old!

toddler talk ignore him quote


3.  We had recently done a fantastic tour of our local fire station with Alisynne’s adorable preschool class.  We were shown the station, the pole, the trucks, and how to put on firefighter gear.  Alisynne loved watching the fireman adorn all his gear and thought he looked pretty cool all done up.  A few days later she came down the hallway like this and said:

toddler talk Alisynne firefighter geartoddler talk firefighter quote

Notice all her “gear”?


Toddler Talk Tuesday

Toddler Talk Tuesday

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Another week has passed and my children continue to elicit full belly laughter from all of us.  Alisynne’s questions and comments have become increasingly detailed, and just plain funny. Ethan is grasping language much quicker now and has started making comprehensive sentences, but still full of cute toddler phrasing like “wemope” for remote, or “fwying” for flying.  I’m certain he’ll start to be featured here a lot more fairly soon.  Emma is quick as a whip on the uptake of language.  She doesn’t ask many questions yet, but can tell you what she wants/needs/desires/ for just about anything.  I’m keeping my ears perked up for her funny little comments.  Without further ado, here are some of last weeks gems!

  1. As I was literally hitting finish on last week’s Toddler Talk Tuesday, Alisynne came over to the computer after having just gone potty to tell me this. “I went to the potty with my game (a kindle).  I was veeeeeery careful so I could be like daddy.”   It seems Alisynne has noticed a certain habit of her father’s.toddler talk potty quote
  2. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Alisynne has been asking a lot of questions about what happens to us after we die.  I believe Disney is to blame for the recent curiosity.  Have you ever seen a single Disney movie that doesn’t have someone die or is already dead right from the get to go? The answer is No. After explaining to Alisynne that after we die we go to heaven and get to be with Heavenly Father, Jesus, and other people we love she excitedly said, “I cannot wait to die!” I cannot wait to die quote
  3.  The other day Alisynne was feeling a little crummy.  She came up to me and said, “Mom my heart hurts.     Me: “What’s making your heart hurt?”        Alisynne: “I don’t know.  Maybe bacteria.”


Bacteria quote


4.  Ethan loves to use Joe’s dog tags as a whistle.  Unfortunately they don’t make any sound. So, what’s a toddler to do?  Make the sound himself of course.  Out of nowhere and at completely random times of the day we will hear a high pitched (like impressively high) and incredibly loud, “Woooooooooooooo! Wooooooooooooooo! Woooooooooooo!”  Then he’ll appear with a huge grin on his face, sucking/blowing on Joe’s dog tags.Woooooo toddler talk quote

Toddler Talk Tuesday

Toddler Talk Tuesday

Welcome to Toddler Talk Tuesday!

Toddler Talk Tuesday is a new section of my blog inspired by Alisynne who has been on a question asking, fact finding, knowledge dropping spree.  She is full of hilarious questions, anecdotes and advice that I feel must be shared with you, if only to make you smile at the world seen through the eyes of a 4 year old.

If you remember reading in the About page, Alisynne has zero tolerance for mean words, yelling, or any act she deems rude or upsetting.  A few days ago I had gotten angry with Ethan for chucking my Kindle across the room because the battery had died.  In my frustration I yelled at him (I know I know, I’m working on it) and told him how naughty that was.  That triggered my little Alisynne into action.  There is a large picture of Christ that hangs on our living room wall.  With gusto Alisynne pointed her finger directly at the picutre and said, “Mom!  We do not yell! Yelling makes Jesus very upset!”

Toddler talk tuesday quote #1

Having gotten dressed in every Hello Kitty item she could find, Alisynne came tromping down the stairs to announce, “Mom, I’m a Hello Kitty Mess!”

Hello Kitty quote.  Toddler talk tuesday


After watching a cartoon show on Netflix about a cat who uses a hot air balloon to get around, Alisynne, with a very distraught look on her face, concluded,  “Mom, I just wanna float”

toddler talk tuesday quote #3


Oh children. Aren’t they the best?!