Family Fun Night Friday: Ponyo

Family Fun Night Friday: Ponyo

Last week was a little crazy with the excitement of Easter and the arriving of aunts and grandparents to our house to enjoy the holiday.  We missed our weekly family fun night because let’s face it, the entire week  was full of family fun.  Our usual popcorn, movie, and treat couldn’t compete with Easter egg hunts, decorating eggs, and designing cookies, and quite frankly, we were just too busy.  This week, however, we’re back to our usual routine which always includes our weekly gathering together!

For our last family fun night we dove into The Secret World of Arrietty and my children really enjoyed it.  It worked so well that I decided to continue on our Sudio Ghibli path with Ponyo! This movie is fantastic.  The animation alone, with its bright colors, sea creatures, and tiny island life, is mesmerizing, and there’s still the actual story.  The adventure takes place on a tiny fishing island where a small boy named Sosuke (So-Skay) rescues a small fish from a glass jar and decides to keep her.  As it turns out, that little red fish is actually the daughter of Fujimoto the keeper and protector of the sea and all sea creatures.  Ponyo, the little fish, grows very fond of Sosuke and decides she wants to be with him.  In an act of rebellion against her father’s wishes she hijacks some magical potions and turns herself human.  The adventure continues as the pair of unlikely friends meet and mayhem follows.  You’ve really got to watch it.  As for the lessons to be gleaned from this movie, there are plenty to choose from!  Anything from taking care of our Earth and homes to the importance of following your heart.  It’s all in there.  So, gather your children, prop your feet up, and just enjoy the moment as you watch your kiddos relish in the adventures of Ponyo.

Movie: Ponyo

Family Fun Night Friday Ponyo

 Lesson: The importance of being a good friend

 Treat: Chocolate Scotheroos.  If you haven’t tried these yet, you are missing out my dear friend! I use this recipe here.

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Family Fun Night Friday: The Secret World of Arrietty

Family Fun Night Friday: The Secret World of Arrietty

Time to switch gears a little and put away the Disney!

For this week’s family fun night we’re going to be changing gears a little.  We’ll be watching a studio ghibli film instead of Disney.  One of the best things I love about a studio ghibli film are the beautiful colors.  Have you ever seen one? They’re fantastic, and the stories are so imaginitive as well as the characters.  Years ago my mother introduced us all to Spirited Away.  It was a crazy, what are we watching, where did you find this, kind of event and we loved it! It is the story about a young girl named Chihiro who finds herself in the midst of a town full of demons, spirits, and evil gods.  She must find a way to bring her parents back (who were turned into pigs for trespassing and eating their food) and face the evil witch Yubaba.  Great stuff, but a little too dark for my little ones at the moment.

We will be watching The Secret World of Arrietty instead!  This story is wonderful!  Have you ever read The Borrowers?  It’s the same premise, but executed beautifully.  A small borrower named Arrietty is always curious about the humans who share the house they live in until she gets too close to the new boy who has just moved in.  Alisynne watched this show about a year and a half ago when she was about 2.  She would sit and stare at the fantastic scenery and be lulled by the soft melodies of the movie.  It’s been a while since she’s seen it and the twins have yet to watch it.  I think it’ll be a hit.  It’s always nice when you can find a show that isn’t crazy and loud for a change.

As for the lessons to be gleaned from this movie, there are several to choose from.  This week we will be focusing on the importance of family.  Why did Heavenly Father give us families?  What is special about Arrietty’s family?  What is special about ours? Etc.  Super easy and a great way for the children to visualize your lessons.  That’s part of why we love movies so much in this household.  So my friends grab the movie, pop your popcorn, and as always, Enjoy!

Lesson:  The Importance of Families

Movie:  The Secret World of Arrietty

Treat:  Snickerdoodles! The girls and I made a batch of these snickerdoodles earlier and they were so delicious!  You’ve gotta try them.

family fun night treat, snickerdoodlesfamily fun night friday; secret world of arrietty

Family Fun Night Friday: Up

Get out your tissues ladies and gentlemen.  We’ve got one the of the greatest love stories in under 15 minutes!

I dusted off Up a week or so ago and popped it in. I had forgotten how fantastic this movie is!  The beginning 15 minutes alone tug at the heartstrings, and the rest of the epic adventure is sweet, uplifting, and clever.  I’m excited to show it (again) to my kiddos.  They’ve been rather inundated with Wall-E since last week’s family fun night (which was a great success), not that I’m complaining.  Wall-E is rather mellow, and after hours of My Little Ponies I’ll take the show tunes of Hello Dolly any day. I am excited for next week’s pick though!  There are hundreds of life lessons in this film that audiences of all ages can appreciate.

This week I think we’re going to try to focus on the importance of helping others. There are about 1.3 million instances in this movie where we can point this out (I counted). It is my personal goal to capture Ethan’s expression and joyful exclamations as the balloons rise out of the house.  It is really hilarious and loud.  He LOVES that part and I have yet to film it. So, grab a chair, pop some popcorn (rule #1. ALWAYS have popcorn on hand), and enjoy with us!


Lesson:  Helping others in need

Movie: Up

family fun night Up

 Treat: In honor of Wilderness Explorers everywhere we will be partaking in the always classic S'mores (4071) - BSP Assignment #206005S’Mores!






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Family Fun Night Friday: Wall-E

Next Week’s Family Fun Night

For March 17

Another week has come and gone. My sister Haley came to visit us for spring break which was fantastic! We were all so excited, but it threw our schedule a bit off track. I never actually made the churros for last week’s family fun night and completely forgot to make any treat at all, which didn’t go over so well, but that’s life! We did enjoy some popcorn with a few giant M&M’s thrown in, which everyone enjoyed. So if you ever need a backup plan, just grab some chocolate chips or small candies you have lying around and toss them into a small bowl full of popcorn. The kiddos thought it was fun and I could relax a little. Next week should slow down a smidge and we can get back to our regular routine. Here’s what I’ve got planned.

Lesson: We should take care of the bodies that were given to us.

Movie: Wall-E

Wall-E, family fun night



Treat: Pumpkin Cookies.  Haley made these while she was here and they were amazing!  The kids loved them, so we’ll be doing a repeat performance. The recipe she used calls for butterscotch chips, but we used just regular chocolate chips in ours.Pumpkin cookies for family fun night


Family Fun Night Friday: Book of Life

Family Fun Night Friday: Book of Life

Family Fun Night Continues

Has it already been a week?  Sheesh!  Plus, it’s now March!  Life is zooming by.  Last family fun night was a great success.  All my kiddos sat happily munching on their Baymax rice krispie treats and watched Big Hero 6.  For next week’s action packed evening we will be enjoying the beautiful colors and wonderful story of The Book of Life.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I suggest you get your buns in gear, plop down on the couch, and enjoy.  It’s a great story about friends, family, and life after we die, all with Mexican flair.  Seriously, it’s really well done and the story is fantastic! The animation may seem a little odd, but it adds to the charm in my opinion.

We will be venturing into the unkown next week with an attempt at making churros!  Wish me luck, cause this could get ugly fast.  My children have never tried churros (gasp! I know!).  I must remedy this tragedy in my shameful neglect of their dessert options.  I think I’ll do a trial run some time before Tuesday night.

Here’s the breakdown for next week’s family fun night.

Lesson: Where do we go after we die? (I know, the subject seems a little heavy, but Alisynne has been asking a lot about this lately)

Movie: The Book of Life

family fun night friday, the book of life

Treat:  Churros.  The recipe I will be using is this one.  If it’s not any good I’ll let you know!churros recipe, family fun night friday

Family Fun Night Friday: Big Hero 6

It’s round one of Family Fun Night Friday! It is my goal to post next week’s event on the Friday before.  That way anyone who wants to join in the fun has a little time to prepare.

What’s on the docket for next week’s family fun night you ask?  Well, my friends, I’ll clue you all in.  It involves a robot, a teen genius, and a group of hilarious science nerds.  That’s right!  Big Hero 6!  We’ve already watched it about 20 times, but it’s still our pick for Tuesday’s family fun night entertainment.  Ethan absolutely loves Baymax.  Who can blame him?  He’s been born into a sea of estrogen, disney princesses, and tea parties.  It’s about time he had a good superhero movie.

I like to pick lessons that go along with the movie.  As the show plays I’ll point out ways the characters are representing our lesson of the week.  For example, Tadashi used his talents to build Baymax, who will help others feel better when they’re feeling yucky. It’s pretty simple and the children will eventually point out things on their own.

Lesson:  How can we use our talents to serve others?

Movie: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6  Treat: Rice Krispies Treats.  If you need the recipe just click here!  We love to add the miniature M&M’s to ours.  For added flare you can shape the treats into ovals and add large chocolate chips (or extra large brown M&M’s) with aBaymax Rice krispie hershey bar for an edible Baymax head! If you’d like to know how click on this link right here! And as always, don’t forget the popcorn!


Family Fun Night Shenanigans: Maleficent

Family Fun Night Shenanigans: Maleficent

We have a tradition in our house called Family Fun Night.  Once a week, usually on Tuesday, we gather together and have a bit of fun. It is usually comprised of a movie, popcorn, and a homemade treat that the  children help me make.  Alisynne will make suggestions all week long on what treats we should make, or what movie she’d like.  The only rule is there are no handheld electronic devices at all.

In preparation for family fun night we try to give our children a little lesson on trying to be Christlike. It’s always very short (small attention spans) and Alisynne is generally the only one who will listen, but we try nonetheless. Maybe as they get older the lessons will be a little more involved, but for now they’re short, sweet, and to the point.

What we have coming up for this week’s family fun night is:

Lesson:  Try to be forgiving when someone hurts your feelings.

Movie:  Maleficent Maleficent

Treat:  Chex Muddy Buddies.  This Recipe is super easy and the kids love  helping with it.  Just click here to snag it!

Muddy Buddies

It’s a simple and fun way to keep the family ties strong.  Come and enjoy with us!

Oh! And don’t forget the popcorn!



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